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When You're Asked To Give Advice to Other Emerging Talent

I recently sat down with the team at FatalCut Entertainment for an interview and after suppressing a mild bout of imposter syndrome (I'll cover that in another post one of these days) I got down to answering their questions. What advice would I like to share with emerging talent across the globe? Two things:

1) DON'T GIVE UP! There will be many obstacles and people you'll meet along the way who will try and discourage you. They'll say or do something that'll make you doubt yourself and make you reconsider what you're pursuing and why you're doing it. Don't allow that to happen to you. While a lot of that resistance is well meaning, people can't help but project the baggage of their own failed dreams on you. No one will ever know the contents of your heart as intimately as you do and it's your responsibility to work at manifesting your dreams, no matter what they are.

2) TRUST YOURSELF! Trust your own voice and know that what you have to say and what you bring to the table are valuable, because a lot of the time we're trying to fit into boxes that don't necessarily reflect who we are as people. We all have something to offer and we're all unique in some way. That's the thing that makes you stand out and that's the thing that people want to latch on to and really connect with you on. So, if you can, do your best to not get swayed by other people's cynicism, desires or ideals of what it means to be a good artist, actor, writer, storyteller, etc. What is it that YOU want to say? What is the story that YOU want to tell? That is the thing that's going to get you far.

Watch the full interview below.

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